Thursday, March 20, 2014

In the Box: Julep Lucky Mystery Box with Mystery Pack Add-Ons

Every month or so, Julep (clicking will take you through my referral link) will offer a mystery box.  Usually they will release one item that will be in it; leaving the rest a total surprise.  For St. Patricks's Day, they had four available Lucky Mystery Boxes - three each with a new color and one that was totally random.  As much as I love a complete surprise, I was in need of a mint polish, so I chose the box with Shannon in it, which is a mint with a silk finish.  The other polish colors I received (from bottom to top) were Tatiana, a golden burnt orange microglitter, Kennedy, a khaki creme (which I also received last month in the Mystery Pack Add-On with my Cupid Mystery Box), Blakely, a purple and green molten, Sabrina, a zesty orange shimmer crackle, and Fiore, an espresso brown creme.
Julep always offers add-ons when you check out, and this time they had not one but two mystery packs, so of course I got both.  The Lucky Mystery Pack had three colors: Sienna, a sophisticated shimmery gold, Grace, a classic "go-to" light pink sheer, and Rose, a juicy watermelon red creme.  The Major Mystery Pack had a Freedom Polymer Top Coat and four colors: Alaina, a driftwood taupe creme, Nicolette, an opaque French white (I got this as a gwp around Christmas and it is by far my favorite white), Ingrid, a brunt orange creme, and Adele, a golden reflective top coat.
What other goodies did I get? Gycolic Hand Scrub and Forget-Me-Not Seeds (3 packets). 

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