Monday, June 29, 2015

Summer's Spell

Inspiration: June 2015 Rainbow Honey Mini Mystery Bag and June 2015 FanMail

Products: Rainbow Honey Thallo Bot and Aqua Cristalina, BKM Vinyl Design Harry Potter Decals

Thoughts: These two colors from this month's Rainbow Honey were just begging to be layered.  I also decided to try the HP decals in the middle of the layers...and it worked!  What else came in my Rainbow Honey Mini Mystery Bag?  Cuprum Veritas (see toes below), Twisted Iced Tea Scent Top Coat, Islands in the Sky Perfume Mist and Clear Scented Soap.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

In the Box: FanMail Legends & Lore

The newest sub box to hit the market is FanMail, a woman-oriented geek box.  The theme of their first box was Legends & Lore, and it totally delivered on that.  While it is not a beauty box, it did contain these awesome Harry Potter Vinyl Nail Decals from BKM Vinyl Design (a $6.00 value).

What other goodies did I get? Sorcerer's Stone Soap from Amethyst Soap (a $7.99 value), Once Upon a Time, The Hobbit, and Hogwarts Buttons, Legend of Zelda Necklace, How to Train Your Dragon T-Shirt, The Hobbit Thranduil Brooch, and Game of Thrones Purple Wedding Invitation.  The T-Shirt and Wedding Invitation were created by FanMail, so I could not find prices, and I believe the buttons may have been, too.  There are also many sellers of the Zelda Necklace and Thranduil Brooch, so I could not be sure which one they came from; however, the two items I could find prices on, came to $13.99, which is about half of what I paid plus shipping, so I believe this box was a great value.

Plumeria Trellis

Inspiration: Layered to Perfection on page 47 of the May/Junel 2015 issue of Nail It!

Products: Ruffian Lady of the Night, No More Tears, Love to Love

Thoughts: My middle layer went on nicely, but I really thought the pink flowers would pop more.  Still learning which polishes stamp well and which do not.