Saturday, June 27, 2015

In the Box: FanMail Legends & Lore

The newest sub box to hit the market is FanMail, a woman-oriented geek box.  The theme of their first box was Legends & Lore, and it totally delivered on that.  While it is not a beauty box, it did contain these awesome Harry Potter Vinyl Nail Decals from BKM Vinyl Design (a $6.00 value).

What other goodies did I get? Sorcerer's Stone Soap from Amethyst Soap (a $7.99 value), Once Upon a Time, The Hobbit, and Hogwarts Buttons, Legend of Zelda Necklace, How to Train Your Dragon T-Shirt, The Hobbit Thranduil Brooch, and Game of Thrones Purple Wedding Invitation.  The T-Shirt and Wedding Invitation were created by FanMail, so I could not find prices, and I believe the buttons may have been, too.  There are also many sellers of the Zelda Necklace and Thranduil Brooch, so I could not be sure which one they came from; however, the two items I could find prices on, came to $13.99, which is about half of what I paid plus shipping, so I believe this box was a great value.

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