Saturday, June 21, 2014


Inspiration:  June 2014 Rainbow Honey Mini Mystery Box

Products: Rainbow Honey Ichigo, Rose Macaron, and Pikake, silver petals

Thoughts: The polished in this month's Rainbow Honey mystery box were all about the pink!  Ichigo is a super bright pink with somesort of flecks (not sure the thought behind this color's name because when I Googled it, all I came up with was a character from Bleach whose hair was bright orange.  I love Rose Macaron which is obviously from the same upcoming collection as last month's Petit Four.  Pikake, though is possibly my favorite, although my husband thinks it looks like I rolled my nails in chunky salt.  Some cute, small dots were included as an extra in this month's box, but I wanted something that would stand out, so I decorated with some silver petals.

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