Monday, January 13, 2014

Princess Moon

Inspiration:  December Inzuri The INN Box

Products: Sprout Princess Pink, Duchess Pink, and Purple Reign

Thoughts: Inzuri's The INN Box always contains 3 mid-range nail polishes, but it also always contains bonus items, and sometimes those items are indie nail polishes.  My December box came with these three non-toxic polished from Sprout.  Because of the non-toxic formula, they have to be applied thin so they don't crack, but that is really the only difference I can see.  Duchess Pink (the moon on my accent nail and the main color on my other nails) is definitely my favorite of the three.
PS.  Not sure if this polish is supposed to do this, or if it was some weird reaction with my nail treatment or topcoat, but it pealed off!  I was having the hardest time trying to remove it with my regular nail polish remover and then I noticed I had gotten an edge up on one nail, so I decided to try peeling it, and it worked.  Most of my nails even came off in one piece.

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