Friday, January 24, 2014


Inspiration:  January 2014 INN Box

Products: OPI Liquid Sand It's Frosty Outside, Essie Lux Effect Jazzy Jubilant, Orly Risque Encounter

Thoughts:I always do the Surprise Me option for the INN Box (Inzuri Nail Nation), and this month I got the Resolution Rebel set.  I also got the Kashmir shampoo and hair mask, which are wonderful!  Anyway, with the polishes, I decided to try some freehand nail art for the first time, and discovered I am not very good at using a fine-tip nail brush to paint with either finger (lines I can do, round objects, no so much).  Since I am hanging out with my nerd group most of the weekend, I decided to go with a UFO, but it kinda looks like a cloud and rain.  Oh well, the nail polish is nice!

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